Loyal dog attends mass every day at church waiting for owner to return.


This video is a very heartbreaking one but it’s full of morals that dogs always teach us. The most awesome in all of morals is dog’s loyalty that amazes the world every day in stories like this. It starts when this loyal German shepherd dog, his name is Tommy, attends mass every day waiting for his owner to return. But he doesn’t know that she won’t come back, sadly, she died and her funeral was in this church, and from this day the dog comes and sits there. The owner of Tommy the dog was Mrs. Maria Lochi, she adopted him from years, Tommy didn’t know that his waiting is endless and he will never reunite with his owner again, and it’s so hard to believe that this poor dog lived alone crying .


This is not the whole story, sadly, the dog had passed away, and he didn’t resist living alone in this world. Lots of comments and views were gained for this heart touching video; so many people said that this dog had the same story of the Japanese dog Hachiko who waited in the train station for nine years. As he used to greet his master every day in the same place, but one day his master died because of a cerebral hemorrhage, but Hachiko kept on waiting all this long, he took the attention of people who passed by, they offered him food and treats, one of the workers knew the story so it was published in newspapers. After 9 years, Hachiko died with cancer, leaving an amazing story of loyalty behind.