Loyal dog saved his owner while he was having a heart attack.

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The best gift in life is having a loving and loyal dog that makes you feel alive. Every day we see a story that proofs this quote; a dog is a man’s best friend, and it’s very matching and absolutely true for this story. Ron Weatherford, one day he woke up in lots of pain, he was having a heart attack. No one is at home, but his Hendrix was there for him. But since Hendrix was there to help, Ron had woke up and found his dog barking and licking him. The only thing Ron was able to do is calling 911 for help. Happily, Hendrix received the Heroic dog award for saving his friend’s life

Ron said that without Hendrix, then maybe he wouldn’t be to alive till now. The most amazing thing about the story is that Hendrix is an adopted dog from a shelter; he saved him and gave him a safe forever after home, maybe what Hendrix did is a kind of reward, because Hendrix saved Ron’s life, that man who saved his 15 years ago.


 Loyal dog saved his owner while he was having a heart attack.

If you want loyalty, get a dog. It’s a simple quote that shows us the honest morals that a dog has. Every day, dogs present to us many examples of loyalty and faithfulness; relationships are stronger and deeper with dogs than between humans around you. They keep on defending, loving, and caring about their owners

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