Loyal Dog Waited Outside His Owner’s Home For Weeks Not Knowing That Sad Truth


ABC 13 NEWS reported, a loyal dog that belonged to a man from Huston, Texas who was murdered in a store robbery. The dog waited for weeks outside his house at door for his owner to come back. But he never did!

A woman who lives in the neighborhood near the man’s home told ABC 13 NEWS:

“You could just tell that he was a lost dog.” 

The woman stated that the dog even followed cars, searching for his missing owner and hoping he would find him in one of these cars.

“He would follow the cars and when he would realize that it was not his owner’s car, he would just stand there and look helpless.”

The loyal German Shepherd Would have no idea that his owner would not come back home to let him inside the house. He didn’t realize that a horrible violent case had happen to take his owner for ever with no return.

Thanks to social media, a woman by the name of Maranda Perez, knew about this sad story and showed up with her dog, trying to take the loyal German Shepherd.

It took a lot of time and a lot of patience too, till Perez could finally slip a leash around the dog’s neck and take him.

According to ABC 13 NEWS, the dog will stay with Perez for a week and then he will be taken to the victim’s brother home to live there.

This is such a heartbreaking incident that left sadness more than any person can handle. The fact that violent crimes happen and repeat is awful and shameful.

Share this story with your family and friends, pray for the victim to rest in peace!