Loyal Dog Waits on Bridge for Days After Watching His Owner Jump Into the River, Not Knowing He’ll Never Come Back

A loyal in dog in China has brought thousands to tears online with its loyalty and devotion. On May 30th, the dog’s owner took the dog to a bridge before committing suicide by jumping off the bridge.

But the dog, who doesn’t understand that his owner is gone forever, decided to wait right where his owner left him. The heartbreaking images show the dog waiting by the rails on the pavement of the Yangtze bridge in Wuhan.

When onlookers tried to approach the dog to take it some place else, the dog would run away and then come back later when it thought it was safe to do so.

A local resident by the name of Xu took the photos of the dog and shared them online. Mr. Xu intended to adopt the loyal dog but was never able to successfully get close to the dog before the pup started running away.

The story quickly gained traction online and others locals volunteered to try to track and capture the dog.

We still hope to find a new owner for the dog ,We think it’s too sad for such a loyal dog to stray on the streets

After their last attempt, the dog ran away and has not yet returned to his spot, but it’s expected that the dog is somewhere around and is just waiting to feel safe again to come back.