Mama Dog Takes A Courageous Action To Save Her Newborns From Drowning

f1Recently in an army base in Israel, a mama dog has given birth to puppies under one of the buildings. Unluckily for the newborns, they were in danger because of the rains flooded the ground around their place. For some months earlier to the birth of the puppies, soldiers were taking care of their mom. They supplied the stray dog with food and water, and when they knew that she had given birth, they were there for her. The mama dog had looked so relieved when the men were there for her; she knew they are around to help.

The video footage below was taken by the soldiers; it shows the mama dog while she was seriously trying to get her puppies out of the dangerous spot they were in. The soldiers had helped her by removing the water with a bucket, and then she had crawled under the flooding structure to save her newborns from drowning.

This brave mom had done a great work saving her puppies from drowning, and luckily there were humans there for help. “She won’t let them go now”, this is the translation of the Hebrew at the end of the rescue footage video.

This second shorter video shows the rescue of another puppy.

Luckily for all, the mama dog and her newborn babies are all safe together at Let Live Animal Shelter. Soldiers and everyone at the shelter hope the cute newborn puppies and their brave mom would find a forever home. I hope this for them too.


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