Man chains this pup in the mud outside his farm, but watch what happens


In Ireland, animal welfare officers from Galway SPCA saved a collie pup named Lambert, who had been forced to live in terrible conditions. Once his rescuers saw him, they were all shocked, and absolutely agreed that “no animal should live this way”.

Things began when Galway SPCA received an email from a person concerned about the conditions this dog had to live in. Actually, this man had been totally right to be concerned, as amid of a giant mud puddle, Lambert was chained to an old metal, and left to live his life in wet and dirt. The poor helpless pup had nothing but a dirty barrel for shelter!


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Undoubtedly, Lambert’s fur was badly matted and filthy. The chained pup was friendly enough with his rescuers and allowed them to approach him.


Once the animal welfare officers saw the conditions Lambert had to deal with, they acted fast to get him out of this unbearable mess. Galway SPCA posted on their Facebook page that, “Lambert was taken away from this ‘so called home’ by our Officers and brought to our Sanctuary.”


Once Lambert was brought in the sanctuary of Galway SPCA, he was washed and cleaned up. One of the staff wrote on their Facebook page, ““We made him up a dry, warm bed in one of our outdoor runs, away from the main kennel block, so he could settle in quietly and readjust to ‘life off a chain’. He looks and acts like an old dog when in actual fact, we believe him to be maybe only 2/3 years old…”


Moreover, Galway SPCA wrote about the terrible conditions which Lambert had to live in. “There is NO excuse in our eyes for ANY animal to have to live like this. No matter your age, culture or financial status, you would know this is WRONG….”

Thanks to the wonderful rescuers, and the concerned neighbor, of course, Lambert is now safe. They will help him to find himself a home soon, where he will never get chained up again, or have to lie in mud and dirt, or a cold barrel.

Any dog lover will never treat a man’s best friend as ‘just a dog’. Lambert has a true second chance at life because a concerned human gave him a voice. Any person should never turn the other cheek ignoring what is so obviously wrong.

Thanks to the kindhearted neighbor, the collie pup has a chance to live the life he deserves. As a dog lover, I feel so much grateful for the man who decided to stand up and speak for a pup who was desperate for help.

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