Man Crucifies Mouse On A bottle To Teach It A lesson!

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Sadly, the outside world is cruel and vicious. It’s full of inhumane people who are trying to hurt us in so many ways. I’m so surprised by how inhumane some people can be.  Some are murderers, others are thieves, and they are harming us. Not only harming humans, but harming animals too. I still wish I could get an explanation of why people would poison animals, kill them, or abuse them. But today’s story concerns mice, and it’s absolutely horrible. I’m so disgusted by the world we live in, what have animals done to people to hurt them in that way?

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Today’s story proves just that.  This video was recorded by a Sudanese man, who caught a mouse, crucified it on a Pepsi bottle.  Then started to abuse it.  It’s the worst, yet the most horrible thing to see.

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Shockingly, no morals are in bedded here.  Hurting and torturing animals is cruel and must stop.  The man was very proud of the horrible action he committed.  He filmed it and uploaded it online for people to see.  While torturing the mouse, he saw this as a joke while the mouse was hanging there helplessly.

The Middle East is very well known for abusing and being cruel to animals.  There aren’t many animal shelters there and laws are not practiced with regards to animal cruelty.  There are no rules to protect the animals or punish the abusers. We have seen many more cases like this before, like that horrible story of Zues.  The Egyptian dog who had some acid thrown on his back, no one caught the abuser, but the dog had a very happy ending after he was adopted, you can read the story here.

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