Man drives more than a million miles to save dogs.

1-27-2015 6-36-20 PM

This is a video segment from The Today Show; this one trip rescued 74 dogs.  Greg takes unwanted dogs that are at risk for being put to sleep and finds new forever homes for them. He connected with those who know or own a dog that they can’t handle, or unwanted dogs, and connected with people who want to give a safe home for those dogs, so Greg is delivering the dogs to them. Greg left his family in New York and drove 4,200 miles to pick up the dogs, it’s very hard to leave home and family, but for him it’s worth it. It also shows the preparations of the trip that his wife is taking, preparations of food and water. He regularly travels a route from Ohio to Texas to Connecticut then back home every other weekend, it equals a million miles, and it’s like driving 42 times around the world.

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But it’s very hard; sometimes you can see those miles on his face, but despite the sadness, Greg is very thankful for what he is doing, he is delivering happiness and smiles. In his way, an army of volunteers are getting ready to love and pet the dogs and also give them a walk. It’s amazing to see him caring about cleaning them, petting them, and giving them the love they need the entire trip till they reach their homes. And another amazing catch to this is that Greg has been doing this for almost 10 years.  Watch the video to see more about Greg and his mission.