Man Falls in Love with a Disabled Pup with the Same Struggles He Has!

Once this man saw this dog, he believed that he found companionship in him; as this pup was going through the same life challenges as the man who fell in love with him. Michael is paraplegic and cannot move around without his wheelchair. Therefore, he gave the paralyzed dog another chance at life. He adopted the pup, and named him Chance. Since then, both of them became the companions who face obstacles of life together. What an amazing story to learn!

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A car once hit Chance, before leaving him to die alone on the road. Thankfully, the pup who was broken emotionally and physically was rescued. Sadly, he has to live with his back legs paralyzed for the rest of his life.

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While things were not expected to get any better for this poor pup, he met with a young married couple, who already had their reason for falling in love with him immediately.

Michael who suffers from a similar condition felt connected to the pup instantly. Now, Michael and Chance are best friends who face adversity by sharing their love of adventure!

Michael says that, “the difference Chance makes in my life is the happiness and the courage to know that there is not anything that anybody can’t do.” “He kinda takes after me, I guess. He just knows we have no restrictions,” he adds.

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Kleenex brought us this video below, and you would surely need some tissues when watching it. This video has gone viral on the internet, touching the hearts of so many people across the country. It touched me deeply when I watched it, and, yes, I could not hold my tears back, too!

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