Man Sees A Dog Standing On A Busy Road.. Watch What He Did?!

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It was a normal day for the man who was driving down the road when he found a lost dog standing on a busy road. What he decided to do next is something we all must consider and think what would we do if we were in his shoes?!

“Of course going up to a stray dog is not recommended but the location and size of the dog meant it was only a matter of time before it got hit, possibly injuring people and killing the dog,” the Welsh Drive wrote under the video.

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The man had two choices; the first was to go on his way, ignore the stray dog and act like he never noticed him; or to get out of his car and help him. Fortunately for the dog, the man was so kind-hearted and decided to help the poor dog. The man got out of his car and once he did this, the stray dog ran across to greet him and rolled onto his back for a belly rub which indicates that the dog is a family’s lost pet.

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The dog had no idea what to do and seemed like he was going to wander between the traffic, but the Welsh Drive took the dog to the side of the road then he called the police to report the stray dog and to have some assistance.

“Eventually the dog ran up to the owner’s home 800 yards away and all’s well that ends well” the Welsh Drive summarized the story.

By doing this, the man encouraged others to help and know that a simple act can effect the lost animal, wherever this may happen, he showed that doing the right thing is an effective thing to do. If you feel grateful for what this man did, share the story with your friends!