Man straps a camera on an orphaned rhino. Now watch what he sees in the field!

Over years, poaching has been the main cause of tragedies for many species, especially in Africa. Since 2013, Over 4,000 rhinos have been hunted and killed in South Africa. Unfortunately, this number keeps growing. While only 13 rhinos had been poached in 2007, this number has skyrocketed to 1,175 in 2015. This is why organizations such as Care for Wild Africa are exerting huge efforts to rescue injured animals.

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As poachers keep killing rhinos for their horns, many are left hurt or abandoned after the loss of their mothers. Sadly, the poor little rhino in the video below is no exception!

Care for Wild Africa is doing great work rehabilitating orphaned little rhinos. However, as long as poaching activities continues, all efforts for helping these animals get back in the wild will end uselessly!

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This little black rhino is Thor. He is living in the sanctuary since he was only 2-weeks-old. This poor creature was left behind after poachers killed his mom. Volunteers wanted to make this video for him to share with all people what a day in the life of this highly endangered animal looks like in the sanctuary, and how all humans should care of rhinos instead of taking their lives or leaving them orphaned.

In the sanctuary, Thor spends his day eating mango leaves, taking nice nap with a group of other rhinos, playing, and more eating. His reaction to seeing other baby rhinos playing in the field is just too cute to be described by words.

If you want to support the devastating case of this endangered species, you can check on the website of Save The Rhino!

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