Marine Finally “Senses Comfort” After Being Gifted His First Service Dog

Former Marine and Afghanistan war veteran Brandon Rumbaugh has had a tough life, but he is finally feeling comfort, and it’s all thanks to his new dog.

Brandon has recently welcomed home Morgan, an English lab who is specifically trained to to be at the side of veterans and to help them feel better in mind and body.

“She is the most amazing dog I’ve ever known, hands down,”

Morgan’s arrival comes by way of the Rescue 22 Foundation. An organization that trains and delivers service dogs to veterans who qualify.

“We really focus our efforts on veterans with PTSD, mobility issues or other medical complex cases that are combat-related,” says Angela Conner with the foundation. “The data shows 100 percent that these dogs work for for the health and well-being for the veteran.”

Training these dogs takes hundreds of hours and about $40,000 to get them well-trained, but the veterans pay nothing.

“It’s completely outside of the realm of family and friends. This is like having a veteran with me — someone who gets it.”

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