Marine Was Killed In Action But Watch When His Brother Meets His Military dog Partner

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Tammie Ashley knew exactly how much Sirius meant to her dead son Sgt. Joshua Ashley who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Just before Sgt. Joshua Ashley died, he asked his mom to take care of his military partner dog. It was meant to be for short time but that didn’t happen because of his death.

After three years, the dog is now retired from the Marines and Tammie ensured to bring him to Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Tammie went to the airport to take in the dog, she believed his son’s old friend knew exactly who she was and he was excited about meeting her.

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“It was the strangest thing,” she told CBS Los Angeles. “He came up to me and he was smelling my face like he was going to lick it, and it was almost like ‘I recognize you.’ Like, ‘You were Josh’s mom.’”

Having Sirius around in the same place doesn’t only mean to Joshua’s mother, but it is so important for Joshua’s brother as well. The presence of Sirius eases the grieved family, they felt comfortable to see the dog who meant so much to their passed away Joshua.

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“It’s like getting a little piece of my brother back home with us,” said Jordan Ashley. “So, it’s really nice having him around.”.

Watch the video below to know exactly what are we talking about. Make sure to grab a tissue with you. Share this video with your family and friends! R.I.P Joshua!