Maru the cat have a different kind of obsession; boxes. At any time and in any size.

9-24-2014 1-16-29 PM

Cats amaze us with some weird acts, but they are still our favorite naughty pets. And for example, here we have Maru, the Japanese cat. He is very obsessed with boxes in every size even if it is not in his size, he just has a strange way to go into the box, his owner recorded every situation and with every kind of box and it shows how he entered it with ease, he is so smart and also he is a very funny cat.

1-28-2015 1-48-48 AM
The views on YouTube had crossed 250,000 views, most of them fell in love with Maru, and he is so famous and well known on internet.
If we think about that we will find that most of cats are obsessed with boxes, the truth is, cats love private places, they like to sit in them for a good period of time because they feel secured and safe around it, and they really enjoy it. Or they like to play in it because it’s a thing in her haunting primitiveness that she likes to hide while haunting. I think it’s a nice thing to sit in a little box, also cats love plastic bags, and they love to sit in it.

1-28-2015 1-48-32 AM
And about cats’ obsessions, cats are obsessed with lots of things such as balloons, stuffed animals, mirrors… Cats are full of energy and fun, and it will be more funny if you share it with your family and friends.