Meet Albert, the Sheep-Cat with a bitchy resting face.


Albert is a Selkirk Rex cat that has been cursed with a face that looks forever angry.

Bitchy resting face is a totally serious condition in which an individual’s resting, unemotional face naturally looks like it’s angry. His grumpy face is so hilarious. Cute and fluffy Albert will definitely surprise you with his bitchy resting face. I am sure you’ll love all of his grimaces and mean looks. So don’t wait a second longer, go find yourself a gorgeous stuffed toy like Albert. Albert the cat suffers from this serious condition, which is hilarious because his luscious, curly fur also makes him look like a sheep. Like so many of us with chronic resting bitch face, however, you’d never be able to tell from the outside. The woolly-looking cat, a Selkirk Rex, is so photogenic he’s the subject of two Instagram accounts. “Pompous” Albert is clearly 2015’s answer to Grumpy Cat. Animal with bitchy resting face, their curly coat is so funny that makes them look like sheep. They are cuddly and wonderful creatures, just like other cat breeds. The owners of the Selkirks are very often stopped at the street and asked different questions about their pets. People are very curious about these funny teddy cats, especially their laid-back personality.


The concept of “bitchy resting face” may have started off as a joke, but ever since the fake PSA went live – garnering more than 2 million hits on the comedy site Funny or Die and YouTube – scores of women have come forward to own up to the “disorder.” A bitchy alternative to the usual blank look most people have. This is a condition affecting the facial muscles, suffered by millions of women worldwide. People suffering from bitchy resting face (BRF) have the tendency look hostile and/or judgmental at rest. Their expression does not necessarily reflect how they are feeling inside. BRF can ruin friendships and first impressions, start fights and kill an atmosphere.