Meet Bretagne, The Last Living 9/11 Rescue Dog, and She was Honored In A Very Adorable Way


Rescue dogs have played an amazing role in saving lives while the proceedings of 9/11. We still have one last rescue dog alive, and she is getting the honor that she needs. She is the last living known dog that was a part of the rescue missions at Ground Zero.


Bretagne’s owner is the member of Texas Task Force 1, named Denise Corliss, She and her loyal dog Bretagne joined the team of 100 other rescue dogs to help finding people who are trapped under the debris of the World Trade Center in 9/11. Denise was her handler then, but there is a bond that was created instantly between them, and from that moment Denise decoded to own her.


Now, it’s Bretagne’s 16th birthday, but she isn’t celebrating it alone with her owner, everyone in the States is celebrating it with her, everyone decided to make it the Dog’s Best Day, for the noble things that she did.She deserves that day, she deserved to be honored. Celebrating her birthday is a way to thank her for what she did and for her amazing service for years.


It was an amazing day, full of toys and presents, amazing treats and lots of people who want to thank Bretagne themselves. When she walked in the streets, people greeted her amazingly. Bretagne had a luxe dog-friendly accommodation and stayed in 1 Hotel Central Park, and for the birthday cake, Bubba Rose Biscuit made her a special dog-friendly cake that she can eat. Everyone was working hard for making her a sweet birthday, everyone wanted to celebrate with her.

It’s not only an honor for Bretagne; it’s an honor for every service dog in the world, doing their best to save humans life. You can also honor Bretagne by sharing this heartwarming video with your family and friends.