Meet Charlie, the bravest Chihuahua dog ever, protecting kittens!

1-30-2015 2-18-58 PM

Dogs are so protective and loyal for their friends and owners, and also for their tiny friends, just like this brave Charlie, the Chihuahua dog. Four gray kittens where standing in the garden till that black dog Roxy appeared out and tried to play with them or sniff them as it seems, but this Chihuahua was amazing, he protected the kitties, and didn’t let her get any closer. The Chihuahua is just a little bigger than the tiny cats but he was brave so he got on the black dog’s back, and never let him go near the cute kittens. Maybe Roxy wants to just play with the kittens, but her big size may hurt them because they are so little and sweet.

Chihuahua dogs are one of the smallest breed of dogs, but despite it all they are very protective. Chihuahua dogs are funny, playful, kind, and calm. Chihuahuas are a Mexican breed, with a 12 to 20 years life span. Chihuahuas’ weight starts from 0.98 to 1.8 kg, and their height starts from 15 to 23 cm..


This video is another proof that cats and dogs have this special relation, we don’t know any basics of the bond between them, but that bond is perfect in every single way. They always surprise us with their actions and stories. I believe that there is no enmity between cats and dogs. This video was uploaded on YouTube with more than 1 million views, your friends will like it so don’t forget to share it with them.