Meet Charlie, the cat who did seven tricks in only one minute

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Remember that cute cat named Crystal that gave a high five to her friend to encourage him while he was playing with his bicycle? It was an adorable funny video! Now you are about to meet a talented and well trained cat, you will be surprised by what she did. Meet Charlie the six months old cat who is a new member in this home, this cat was adopted from the Animal Humane Society, so his owner taught him some new tricks, she taught her to give high five, sit, lay down and other tricks, proving that cats are very smart. What a smart cat, she is doing those seven tricks in only one minute.

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If you already have a cat, you have to consider yourself the luckiest ever. Cats are the funniest pets ever, it’s amazing to raise a cat and let it share your life with you, but you must know that there are many facts hidden in their life that you will be very amazed by. Most times cats sleep a lot, and that’s because the hormones of growing are released while sleeping, and about sleeping, cats are sleepy creatures, they sleep about 2/3 of the day, and so if a cat’s age is 9, she is only awake for three years of her entire life. Another weird fact is that cats can make about 100 sounds, but dogs only make 10. Cats have an excellent hearing and smelling sense. Cats’ life span is about 12 to 15 years average, some old cats act very aggressively towards kittens.

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You also have to know that cats are very easy to train, the same as dogs, it needs only some treats and patience. Watch the video below and if you find it interesting, share it with your family and friends.