Meet this chatty Chihuahua dog, it’s hilarious.

Chihuahua dog Steals the Show!

Chihuahua dog

This video will make you laugh hard; this chatty Chihuahua dog is unbelievably funny, because he is a talking one. Actually he is not talking, but his moves and actions will make you laugh like crazy, you will love watching it.

This chatty Chihuahua dog is watching the last episode of a series with his owner but he spoiled it, his reactions, and the dialogue is very funny and it really matches what he is doing; enjoy watching this adorable funny chatty Chihuahua dog, and make sure you don’t have a chatty Chihuahua while you are watching your favorite series.

It’s so adorable and cute to have a Chihuahua , they are the smallest breed of dogs, their temper is normal. They are funny, playful, kind, and calm. Chihuahuas are a Mexican breed, with a 12 to 20 years life span. Chihuahua’s weight starts from 0.98 to 1.8 kg, and their height starts from 15 to 23 cm.

Owning a Chihuahua dog is an awesome thing, they amaze us with their funny acts, so before you head to any other link, we will suggest for you some adorable videos about Chihuahuas. This video is a very adorable one; this Chihuahua dog is singing perfectly, she will surprise you with her amazing song. Also don’t forget to watch this courageous and brave Chihuahua dog who is protecting those little kittens from the dog who wants to get close to him, this Chihuahua is a hero. Enjoy watching.

Chihuahua dog
Chihuahua dog