Meet Elsa, the therapy Pit bull dog, her secret will inspire you.

Pit bull dog

Dogs are good companions, they maybe play with you and love you, but they also can do more and more than just that. Meet Elsa the therapy Pit bull dog, she is the best thing ever in Vancouver Hospital. Elsa the therapy pit bull dog is drawing smiles on the patients’ faces. But actually, she is not just a normal therapy dog; Elsa the pit bull dog is facing difficulties in her life. She has been through many disabilities, the same struggles, she had so much common things with her patients, the same as them, and there is a bond between Elsa the Pit bull and her patients. After Elsa was paralyzed, she started her physical therapy and thankfully, she made it. She stood on her legs and she can walk, not perfectly like other dogs but she tried, she never gave up, she can use them. Elsa the pit bull dog is inspiring so many people who are involved in the same situation as her. All the patients in the hospital love her so much. Elsa is a living proof that everything is possible if you just believe. Despite all what she had been through, she didn’t give up, she is struggling, yet she is drawing smiles on people faces. If you think that Elsa the pit bull dog is living her life like a paralyzed dog, you are totally mistaken, she can run and walk, she can almost do everything. Elsa the Pit bull dog seems to be very beautiful, loved and so well cared of. Patients hope that they could see her every day, because she is a soul lifting.

Therapy dogs play an important role in helping patients, they encourage patients to be stronger, and never give up. Therapy dogs give patients lots of love and happiness to get through every disability.