Meet Emmy the cat, the mother of the year.

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The relation between animals always amaze us with the most beautiful stories, well, the truth is that we don’t see much like this as humans, but animals keep teaching us more and more morals of love, loyalty and care.

In Mississippi, a cute cat named Emmy was nominated to be the mother of the year because of what she had done, she adopted a squirrel, and she took in the baby with her small little kittens to feed on her milk. I am amazed by how this cat is protective and loving; it’s amazing how you see the cat licking the squirrel like it’s one of her kittens.

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This cat is enjoying her motherhood, and enjoying the presence of this little squirrel. Emmy was first adopted from the Mississippi shelter, she filled the house with happiness and kindness, what she did with the squirrel is an act of kindness, maybe she feels what will happen if she didn’t adopt him. The squirrel came in like a gift in the house of the owners, it starts when the little one fell out of his nest and he wasn’t able to go back to it and climb the tree, so the owner put him in the box and then they put it with the kittens, they were amazed when they found that Emmy accepted it and started to feed it, I am amazed by how lovely she is.

The video gained a huge success when it was uploaded on YouTube, it received about 7 million views, and all the viewers were amazed by the courageous rescuer. The video also was shared on thousands of websites and pets’ blogs. Don’t forget to share this amazing story with your family and friends.

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