Meet the fattest cats in the world, it’s unbelievable.

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It’s time to introduce the top 5 fat cats in the world, you won’t believe your eyes, and you will be really shocked by this.

Number 5: Unnamed

Mr. Xu Jirong here is holding his super fat unnamed cat in their home, in the city of Qingdao in China. In 2006, the owner of this unnamed cat said that his cat weighs about 15 kilograms; her waist is about 77 cm, which is actually wider than a girl’s waist. And when they asked him about what his cat eats, he said that his fat cat eats meat: one steamed bread, half a bowl of chicken hearts and some pieces of pork, daily!!!

Number 4: Sassy Aka

Sassy is a fat cat, born in Virginia but moved to Canada in 1991 with her owners. He started to get fat gradually, and sleeps a lot, which made his owner to take him to the animal hospital, but they didn’t find any problems with him, and they couldn’t figure out why he is getting very fat. In 1999, Sassy the fat cat weighs about 15.9 kilos; before he died he lost 8 pounds. He died in 2001.

Meet the fattest cats in the world, it's unbelievable.

Number 3: Mikesch

Mikesch is a German fat cat, he is a black and white cat, and he weighs about 41 lbs., surprisingly, his owner is feeding his fat cat about 4 pounds of minced meat daily. Mikesch was taken from his owner, what he did for his cat is a kind of animal cruelty; the fat cat was taken to an animal shelter and was put on a diet. Sadly, the cat had many problems in the joints and heart; the cat’s weight prevented her from licking herself.

Number 2: Tubcat

The Tubcat weighs about 43 pounds from Denmark. It’s very famous on internet and social media websites.

Number 1: Katy

Katy is a 5 year old Siamese fat cat; she weighs about 23 kilograms, which is more than the normal average weight of six years old boy. But what caused her overweight was because her owner said she didn’t eat much, she eats a couple of fish in the morning, and 200 grams of meat in the evening, with vitamins that they gave her.