Meet Finnegan, the stealthiest dachshund dog ever!

3-8-2015 12-12-41 PM

Meet Finnegan, the funny dachshund dog who will make your day by this video. This video is simply the most adorable. This dachshund dog is the stealthiest dog ever. This 19 seconds video will make you laugh hard. Each time the owner hides his face, he found the dog take one more step towards him. It’s an adorable game to try with your dog. The best part in this video is at 0:11, the endless fun started at that point. It’s totally hilarious. Well, having a dog like this dachshund cutie is happiness itself. He is extremely adorable.

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The dachshund dog is small in size and very cute, his short legs make him the cutest dog ever between all breeds, training them is very important, because they are rule breakers. A Dachshund dog is smart and intelligent; they are also full of energy. Also always watch out their weight, because a dachshund dog can easily become fat, so you have to exercise them daily to avoid that, also you have to schedule their meals. Maybe the dachshund dogs are short in legs by they are high in personality. It’s recommended to start carte training when you first bring your dachshund dog. Maybe dachshunds are small in size but they are loud in barks, so it’s also recommended to start training them on barking just in need.

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