Meet Frank and Louie, the living two faced cat.

 Meet Frank and Louie, the living two faced cat.

It’s something rare and special; it’s the world’s longest – living two – faced cat. Meet Frank and Louie, yes, he has two names because he has two faces. In this video, you will see his owner Martha Stevens who adopted Frank and Louie since he was a kitten in 1999. She actually knows deep inside of her that no one will do if she didn’t take him, because for some people, he looks ugly. When she decided to adopt him, she went to the vet but sadly, the vets told her that her little two faced kitten probably wouldn’t survive a week.

Frank and Louie learned to eat, thankfully he survived, and he was the most loved cat, because he is actually very kind, so he stole everyone’s heart, despite the fact that so many people thought that he was ugly and it’s difficult to look at. The cat has three eyes, the eye in the center is blind, he also has two noses, two mouths, but just one brain, and he lived his life as a healthy cat, the biggest surgery he had is removing some teeth from his mouth, that’s because it had no bottom jaw for them.

When the cat reached the age of 12, he was recorded in the Guinness world record, as the longest – living two – faced cat. Frank and Louie is the oldest living Janus cat in the world. As the cat’s owner Martha Stevens said, she has a certificate and once saw Frank and Louie on Animal Planet. Frank and Louie is a very famous cat. You will see in the video how he is living his life normally, loving and cuddling, he is very cute.

Sadly, Frank – Louie died last week at the age of 15 years, and it was because of cancer.

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