Meet Freddy the Great Dane, Britain’s biggest dog! It’s unbelievable.

Meet Freddy the Great Dane, Britain's biggest dog! It's unbelievable.

If you saw the picture of Freddy the Great Dane in any social media website, you will think it’s not real, but when you see this video, you will know the truth. Meet Freddy the Great Dane dog, who is believed to be Britain’s biggest dog. Freddy is over seven foot, when his owner measured him standing on his behind legs, he was seven foot and four inches at only 18 month old, and he is still growing, maybe he will grow more than that latter. Freddy was a normal puppy, but he went through a growth spurt, he was growing about one inch every month. Clair, the owner of Freddy the Great Dane, is a 38 years old taxi driver, who drives a Barbie pink cab, lives with Freddy and his sister Fleur. She owns them since they were little puppies. And about Freddy’s food, she said that they spent a lot on Freddy’s food, about 80 to 90 pounds weekly, she said that what he actually eats weekly is 8 large cans of butchers, 12 pounds of tripe, and 12 kilos of minced chicken. And about what he actually does at home, it’s unbelievable, he drinks from the kitchen tap, and actually, he ruined about 14 sofas, both of the dogs had taken over the house, also walking them is not an easy task to do, it’s difficult sometimes to control the huge Great Dane. But as she said, despite all the difficulties and the daily mess, Claire is in love with her dogs, and she wouldn’t change anything at all. As Claire said, they are like her babies, her life revolves around them, she likes to spoil them, as she explained, and they are her number one priority, she is spoiling her “fury babies”. Freddy the Great Dane is about to break the records, the biggest dog in the world was seven foot and 4 inches; Clair said it would be amazing if he really breaks that record.

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