Meet Glenn, the blind dog and his seeing-eye guide Buzz the pit bull, it’s a miraculous friendship


Again! Another story that shows how adorable pit bull dogs are, it proves that Pit bull dogs are one of the kindest and most faithful dogs; but now there is a breed discrimination for Pit Bull dogs that is born in the United States. Sadly, it leads sometimes for many pets’ owners to be forced to leave their beloved pets due to this breed-specific legislation. Now, pit bull is targeted to this breed discrimination against, but this story is showing how pit bull dogs are loyal and kind. This story is showing the amazing friendship that can be created between animals.


Glenn, a Jack Russel terrier is a permanently blind dog, and his friend Buzz the pit bull terrier, that is like the shadow of Glenn, he is with him every day, moving besides him, leading him to the right way. Glenn follows buzz wherever he goes, he shares his bed and his kennel with him. Buzz helps his friend to find his food bowl, he also take his friend for walks.

The two friends were rescued from a sea tunnel in Northern England, since then, they are together, and they can’t be separated. Now they are living at the Stray Aid rescue center in Coxhoe, Durham.

No one knows what happened to them, but it was guessed that they are about 9 or 10 years old, and now they are looking for home to adopt both of them, together. They are like one soul in two bodies.

If you are willing to adopt the two friends, you can get more information from the Stray Aid website http://www.strayaid.org.uk , help those cute friends find a forever home.


Their photos together are stunning, dogs are not only man’s best friends, and pit bull dogs are proving they are loyal day by day. Share the story now with your family and friends.