Meet Jamie Guarnino the snake handler, who is raising a Burmese Python as his beloved pet! It’s totally unbelievable.

Meet Jamie Guarnino the snack handler, who is raising a Burmese Python as his beloved pet! It's totally unbelievable.

You are about to meet a different type of pets today. Actually, I am shocked, and I can’t believe my eyes, is it really happening? This man is a snake handler, his name is Jamie Guarino, he is 34 years old, and he is having a 10 years old Burmese Python as a pet, it’s called Nay Nay, it is 13-foot-long. Watching the Burmese Python rolling around the baby, is the weirdest and heart stopping scene, it’s a nightmare for any parent. I think if I am totally sure that this snake won’t bite my baby, I still won’t leave them to play together, but for Jamie, he thinks that his snake Nay Nay is the beloved family member. Jamie Guarino believed that he is on a mission, to prove to the world that snacks can be a family pet; he wants to show that the fact is Burmese Python is not an evil creature. As you will see in the video, the Burmese Python is rolling and from her father’s point of view, he is inviting his 14 months old Aylssa to play. From his point of view, that he doesn’t understand why families have that fear from snacks, actually Jamie, I don’t understand this either. You can see the snack roaming around Aylssa, having no interest in harming her or biting her, even when she treated him like a large stuffed animal.


Jamie was a snack handler since he was 16 years old, he has three children, and they all love what their father is doing, Jamie wants it to be a family business. It’s very amazing for him that he can share his interests about snacks with his baby girls.

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