Meet Megabyte, the best actress dog; see what she did when her owners said “bang”

 Meet Megabyte, the best actress dog; see what she did when her owners said "bang"

Well, I think that this dog was just born to be a star! We need the best actress award here. In this video, you will meet Megabyte the dog, besides how much we love the name, this cute dog makes a dramatic performance when her owner points at her and says “bang”, she acts dead in the most dramatic way, Megabyte the dog was like “Do I deserve someone to shoot.me?” It’s the best acting seen, and also the best dog ever to act like dead. I can’t stop laughing on this video; it will make your day.

So how could you train your dog to play dead? If you want to do this trick with your dog, here is how it goes. First you have to know that it’s a very easy thing to do, but all you need is patient and lots of delicious treats, because it’s the success key. It starts with getting energy, first you have to get your dog to a highly energetic point, let him play and run at first before you start training, then let him stand still, give him the order sit, then start to make the bang sign with your hands, after that, just order your dog to lie down, and then offer him treats when he did so, now your dog understands the commands, all you have to do is to repeat this move until he gets used to it.

Dogs are perfect in faking death, watch this funny compilation of dogs who are faking death, it’s completely hilarious, and don’t miss also this video of a Dachshund dog, he is faking death in a very brilliant way. Actually, they took acting to a whole new level.

Watch this perfect actress and if you find that she deserves an award, share it with your family and friends.

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