Meet Miracle, the Rescued Golden Retriever with a Miraculous Survival Story


Every day we hear lots of heartbreaking stories about animals that are living on the streets and often subjected to really tough situations that leave their physical and psychological health at huge risk. However, it is always heartwarming to hear that some people are willing to make effort in order to save an animal that is in need, they give those hopeless animals a second chance in life.And because of these rescues, we get to see the most amazing transformations taking place, and it proves to us that all dogs just need a bit of kindness in order to be able to reach their full potential.


This rescue case is from Egypt, and since we often hear about abuse and abandonment cases that happen in Egypt, it’s really reassuring to hear that there are some people there who care for animals and their well being.When Miracle arrived to Pets Care Clinic in Helwan, he was in a horrible physical and psychological state. But luckily, the great team of vets didn’t give up.


Miracle had severe mange as well as several other skin conditions and worms. He also suffered from dehydration and malnutrition, in addition to muscle problems. And with all of that, his spirit was down and he was very scared of humans.But thankfully, he was with a team of miracle workers. Over the 10 days following his arrival, the team of vets, headed by Dr. Marwa Mansour and Dr. Youssef Kamal, worked hard and dedicated themselves to making Miracle heal.And they succeeded. Today, Miracle is living in a foster home, and as you can see from the before and after photos, he has undergone an amazing transformation.


Isn’t it so heartwarming? We hope he finds his forever home soon. Share this happy ending with your family and friends!