Meet the Pianist puggle! The talented dog

3-7-2015 11-25-28 PM

As always, dogs amaze us; this puggle dog will amaze us with his talent. We all love music, we all love to listen to the piano, but now you will meet the Beethoven to-be, the piano dog. This Puggle dog is a very talented musician…oh doggie, you are very talented, he is enjoying playing on the piano. And it’s not a onetime thing, but it turned into a habit, he’s been getting on piano around 3-4 times per day, and after he finished his symphony, he was looking around like he is saying “Why can’t I hear anyone clapping”? Nothing is more adorable than that.

Dogs are a man’s best friend, they are precious and protecting, but also entertaining, they can play you music to comfort you. This video will make your day.

3-7-2015 11-25-07 PM

It’s good to know more about Puggle dog because they are the cutest of all breeds. Puggle dogs are playful and energetic. Puggle dogs weight about 6 to 14 kg, their height is about 20 to 38 cm, their life span is from 10 to 15 years old. The puggle breed is a mix between a pug and beagle, you will notice it from the name, part is “PUG” and part is “GLE”, It’s a great mix between both breeds, the morals of the two dogs is in this breed. Puggle dog is a fun loving personality, his look is cute and he is so much good with friends and other pets but they may chase them. Puggle dog is very active and full of energy that’s why they need daily exercises and lots of playing time, they are also smart and can be stubborn sometimes. It’s not recommended to leave puggle dog alone for a long period of time, it hurts them and affect their behavior. They are a good choice as a family dog

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