Meet Ralphee the cat and Max the dog, their friendship is beautiful


Cats and dogs are very close friends, but this story is a little different. This is a very touching story of a beautiful and loyal cattle dog Max and his new friend, Ralphee, the cat. They enjoy their friendship, they are very odd couples and they are happy with each other’s company. Ralphee was rescued from a barn at a horse stable with a missing tail. Sadly, this cute kitten has a neurological disorder that makes her head move in ways similar to how you would see a ‘bobble-head’ character, it’s known as a Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia, it’s the part of the brain which controls the skills and movement was not completely underdeveloped at birth which made her do that “drunken sailor” walk. It also affected her walking, making her do a little hop, but all these issues make this cat a very cute one.


Ralphee and Max the dog, since the first day Ralphee came to her new home, max was always by her side. Watching over her and playing with her. Ralphee was feeling safe when her dog friend is around.  The cattle dog had become a friend to the kitten, and seemed to like protecting her. Despite all all Ralphee’s conditions and disorders, you will fall in love from the very first moment with that cute kitten, she is a lovely and a happy cat with the best companion she could ever have. .

Enjoy watching the video to see the most two amazing friends and don’t forget to share it with all friends and family.

Dog Befriends Disabled Kitten