Meet Rosie the bird and Brat the dog, the two best of friends.


Relations between animals are very beautiful, different species can be best friends; the world of animals is full of very beautiful things that amaze us every day. This video is incredible, it really shows how different species or even different in sizes kind of animals, can be best friends. We are talking here about a friendship between a beautiful bird and a dog.

Meet Bart and Rosie, Rosie is the beautiful bird and Bart is the dog. In this video you will see how Rosie the beautiful bird is talking to the dog while he is eating, she is like telling him important things, I wonder if she is asking him “why you are that big? What is the kind of food you are eating? Why are you not answering me? Am I annoying? Am I disturbing you? I think I am not because I am so cute? Did you listen to the new song? Can I sing it? Ok I will, now listen. Oh why you are leaving? Don’t you want to listen to the song?” I think this is what the bird is saying, it’s hilarious and adorable. The funniest thing about that video is that Bart didn’t reply at all and he didn’t show any reaction or even look to the bird; he had completed his meal and didn’t think about anything else.

 Meet Rosie the bird and Brat the dog, the two best of friends.

As the owners of Rosie the beautiful bird and Bart the dog said that Rosie was their main pet, after that they adopted Bart from an animal rescue non-profit organization. When he first saw the bird, he was completely freaked out but after that he got used to it.