Meet the Bear Man, the man who is living with 6 bears!

Meet the Bear Man, the man who is living with 6 bears!

It’s one of the weirdest things that I’ve ever seen. Meet the Bear Man, 73 year old Sulo Karjalainen, who runs with his brother, Jalo, the “Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre”, and surprisingly, this center has become a home for his bears. The bond that he is having between himself and the bears is very amazing and strong, their friendship is different. More than 20 orphaned brown bears are taking this center as their home. It all started when Sulo was working on a research project on Carnivores, he took in some cubs, and it was the start of this amazing bond, he loved bears deeply, he was even sharing his meals with them sometimes.

Sulo has been living in the same farm in the center all of his life, he treats the bears like his family. Sulo is a celebrity; all people know him as the bear man, due to his deep and strong relationship shared between him and his bears. You can see in the video how they are enjoying their time together, cuddling and playing, eating together, or even building a snowman together. The bears love him deeply; they are very loyal and kind, despite their wild instinct. Now Sulo is having six bears, and maybe he will increase this number later, because he is not ready to retire yet. I think this bond is like a flame that will never turn off.

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Whatever they are, cubs or real big bears; they are very cute and lovable animals. You can see the cubs in the video also playing and cuddling with the bear man, and sitting on his lab. Baby bears are called cubs, by nature, they just stay beside their mother, so they can learn how to deal with life and survive on their own, and how to hunt and get food. They are full of energy and they’re playful.