Meet the best ball boys ever! The tennis game is more exciting with dogs in it!


It’s stunning; it’s something you have never thought about before. Could it be? Well, yeah, it finally happened: To all tennis lovers out there, this video for you. ASB Classic tennis Championship in Auckland, New Zealand had a special surprise this year, they had found unusual ball boys, as they said, and they are the best ball boys in the world.

Tennis player Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova showed up on the video to start their game, but they were totally surprised to see the new ball boys. Three “ball dogs” had entered the court during the match. They were there to help the players. We all know that dogs are perfect in fetch game, and they are also big fans of tennis balls, so why not try them? The three “ball dogs” did their best, they caught the balls perfectly, they were having endless fun. What I like most about those cute dogs are the ASB paw-bands they were wearing, not just that, wait till you see what happened in 1:21 when the dog tugged on the towel, he didn’t want to give it to Venus Williams, or that cute puppy who gave her a shower of kisses. The three “ball dogs” did the mission perfectly; it’s more than we were expecting.

The three “ball dogs” names are Ted, Oscar and Super Teddy, and they are the cheekiest ball boys ever.

It’s the magic of the yellow ball, dogs mostly love to play fetch with the tennis balls, watch this funny video of a dog who had a gift of 99 tennis balls in his birthday, also watch how this dog is reacting while he is watching a tennis game, it’s hilarious.


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