Meet the friendliest pit bull ever and his group of chicken best buddies


Aren’t pitbulls just simply adorable? This breed of dogs never fails to surprise us with their cuteness and loveliness. Ask any pitbull owner you know, and they will not find enough time to talk about their adorableness. There is a common misunderstanding in the dog community that pitbulls are not friendly dogs, and that they bite a lot and attack humans and other animals for no reason, and because of that bad reputation, pitbulls are actually banned in some parts. However, videos like these that we see more often than not that prove to us that pitbull dogs are actually one of the most friendly and most adorable breeds, it’s just undeniable.


This video was uploaded by YouTube user Shay Israel, and it immediately fascinated everyone who watched it! People were so surprised at what they saw, it’s that incredible!

Dogs and chicken. At first sight you probably think this is a bad combination, regardless of the breed of the dog. Well, let this pitbull dog change your mind completely.

You will not believe your eyes when you see what this pitbull does. When his owner opened the door to the cage where the chickens are, my heart almost stopped with fear. But then, I saw how calm and careful the pitbull was, and slowly, I watched as the pitbull dog settled down, and as the baby chickens started sitting on his back, my smile was wide from ear to ear.

The pitbull was concerned with one baby turkey who was hiding in the corner, he was trying to make friends with him, it’s just too adorable to watch.


Pitbulls are so kind and gentle. These two pitbulls are also very well trained, we are grateful for their owner for raising such well-behaved doggies!
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