Meet the smartest dog ever; see how he distracts his friend for his own benefit!

Meet the smartest dog ever; see how he distracts his friend for his own benefit!

Another funny video was shared by the America’s funniest Home videos’ channel on YouTube, and it was one of the most favorite videos of all time, it’s totally surprising, this dog is the smartest ever. It seems that the dog wants to play with the bone that his friend is chewing, it’s his favorite chewing toy that he wants to get right now whatever it takes, and it’s a problem that he had to solve. So the dog had a great idea, he decided to distract his dog friend. What does he do for getting his toy? Watch by yourself. The smart dog throws a ball across the room, so when his dog friend saw it, he left the chewing toy and ran towards it, so the smart dog went to enjoy chewing the toy. This is a smart doggie, and he probably gets anything he wants, he used the ball to get what he wants.

Raising two dogs together is not a hard thing to do, but sometimes they have different characters than each other especially when they aren’t raised together from their puppy hood or they are different in ages. It takes quite a lot of time so they can get used to each other, and lots of training, patience and treats, and then they will get used to each other.

Dogs are the smartest; they simply can get what they want whatever it takes. Watch this Video smart pit bull who deserves the prize of the smartest dog, he is doing the smartest tricks ever, simply, he will blow your mind. Also watch this video of a smart beagle dog who figured out a smart way to get food from the kitchen’s counter, you can’t hide anything from smart dogs like him.

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