MeetXena… the warrior dog that brings joy to the hickey family again


As usual we are seeing stories like this oneevery day to amaze us and let us see how the world is full of love and joy.
The warrior dog, Xena…that cute puppy was abused in a little age, he was harmed, injured, and facing some feeding disorders that affected his weight, it was hard to get well at first but the dog did with fighting spirit.
Chrisey Kaczynski, who is a founder of Friends of Animals, said about Xena:”In all years I’ve been doing rescue, I haven’t seen a puppy in the same condition.” And about choosing the Xena name, “we chose the name Xena because that name shows a fighting spirit.”
While Xena was fighting to gain her health back, the Hickey family was facing trouble of their own, with their young son Johnny who was having troubles, he didn’t speak and the doctors said he has autism. The family was broke down, and Johnny felt so closed and isolated.

In the same house there was a person who is following the story of Xena, Mrs. Linda, Johnny’s mother, loved the dog and tried to know all the updates, and here came the descision to adopt Xena.
She brought Xena to the house without telling any one of her kids, Johnny was surprised when he saw Xena in the car, she just sat on his lap and started to kiss and lick him. And that was the moment of transformation. Johnny started to talk more, play more, he turned to be a kid full of energy, he cares so much about Xena, he love to feed her and play with her, sometimes telling her stories. And as Linda said “We spent thousands of dollars on therapy, and I found that the therapy is standing on four legs here in my home.”
Jonny became better in all activities, especially in school, it was the hardest thing for him but after Xena it all comes around to be just good, and school becomes a very nice thing for Johnny.
Just a great connection created between Xena and Johnny, and the result was such a perfect relationship that changed the life of Hickey family.