Mickey the pug is blind; see his rescue story and his new loving home.

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Seeing stray dogs with special needs break my heart, they need our rescue and help. Today’s story is about a blind dog that was rescued and brought to Michigan Humane Society, his condition was horrible. Mikey the pug wasn’t treated properly, but thankfully, he was rescued and was in safe hands, and Michigan Humane Society gladly changed his life to the better.

Vets discovered that Mikey the pug suffers from demodectic mange and glaucoma, which left the poor pug in horrible pain, and blindness. So in order for the pug to be healthier and happier, they decided that they put him in surgery to remove his eyes.

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In March, the two-year-old pug was adopted and found a safe home with his beautiful, caring owner, Sabrina Johnson, the district judge for Inkster, MI. And accordingly, he is adjusting very well to his new life.

Sabrina Johnson says that even though I rescued and took him in my home, he rescued me; he is the love of her life. Sabrina usually brings the pug with her in work, and everyone who sees him melts. She says that she saw the toughest police officers, kneeling down and playing with him; it’s amazing how he could light up a room with just being in it.

Despite his blindness, Mickey the pug is a fast learner, and doesn’t casually bump into things, and when he does bump into something, he simply shakes it off. Sabrina says that sometimes when they are walking in the park, Mickey would get going and bump in a tree, but he simply backs up, shakes his head, and continue walking.

We are so glad that the adorable pug got his second chance, he is finally living the life he deserves, and he is probably happier than ever. My favorite part in the video was when they were singing; Sabrina and the pug look really happy. It’s true what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend.

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