Miley Cyrus rescued a poor kitten from a messed up situation.


It always warms our hearts to find celebrities protecting or rescuing animals, giving them a safe home. This one is a typical story of a celebrity that made us love her even more.

Miley Cyrus is known as an animals’ lover, she owned lots of pets. Starting from dogs, to pigs, and now to kittens! The well-known singer Miley Cyrus posted a picture of her with the kitten she rescued, saying that she rescued the sick little “baby” from a messed up situation, and that also indicated her hate for irresponsible humans. As it seems, the star quickly took the kitten to the vets, Miley said in the picture’s caption for the kitten how she shouldn’t worry, because the awesome vets are here to bring back her health. At the end, she also said that after the death of her beloved dog, Floyd, that she would never let a bad thing happen to any animal again, however, she called them angels, and that was very sweet.


Miley has been a rescuer for many animals, she rescued a pig before, and now she rescued a kitten. Also, Miley is known for her endless love for dogs, and she owned Floyd the husky dog, but sadly he passed away by a coyote in a horrible accident. Miley Cyrus was heartbroken, and she wrote a tweet about how unbearable it is to live without him. She also dedicated her song “Adore You” to Floyd the dog on her Bangerz tour, with a huge stuffed dog on stage beside her, and she got a tattoo of the beloved dog.

Well, Miley is such a softie when it comes to dogs, isn’t she? It’s amazing how she pays attention to the animals, that she doesn’t forget that many of them need help.

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