Mom Asks Her Dog Who Her Best Friend Is And The Answer Will Blow Your Mind

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To stop talking about how dogs are the most loyal and the best friend to have, is something that is impossible for me to do! Dogs are the best friends to ever have! They are the real companions who last a life time!

They are amazingly adorable and I believe they worthily deserve to be called Man’s best friend! But what is far beyond incredible is that dogs are best friends to any living soul. They present the pure meaning of real friendship and they give their love and loyalty unconditionally.

If you recall the dog who is a 5-month-old baby’s best friend where the German shepherd dog was tugging on one of the baby’s toys, playing with her moving right to left, the baby was laughing hard at what her beloved friend was doin. In fact, the bond between dogs and babies are very strong, there is a special relation between dogs and children; especially babies. It seems like babies have their own magic that captures dogs’ heart and attention, dogs are babies’ loyal guards.

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Although cat mothers are super protective and hide their kittens from just about anything, hurting them in the moving process, this mother cat felt her sweet kittens were safe with her best friend a DOG! She brought them to meet the dog! Dogs are known as frenemies, because they fight for sure, but when friends their friendship is real!

This video might be short but it is so sweet and I’m pretty sure it will draw a big smile on your face. It is about two sweet dogs and their owner who asks one of them ” Lottie, Who’s your best friend” and Lottie responds in the cutest way ever! Lottie hugs the other dog as the word “best friend” is related to its bestie who’s standing next to her.

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