Mom Blames Her Boxer, Then He Goes To Dad And Does Something Unthinkable!

Dogs are adorable and smart creatures. They can learn so much, and they are capable of doing more than just a shake trick or finding a skier buried deep in the snow.

Depending on the owner and the dog’s personality, a pup can exhibit some truly impressive skills. Although some owners think their dogs are not eager to learn how to run an agility course, some of these dogs do not need this type of stimulation.

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Dog owners differ in the way they work with stimulating their pup’s brain and improving their skills. While some stick to a few simple tricks, others prefer putting their dog through training course designed for certifying rescue dogs!

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However, some pups just love to live on the edge. Regardless of any training, they might have taken. They keep going to rummage through the garbage when there is no one around and still insist sleeping on their owner’s bed.

The pup in the video below is Boomer. He is smart enough to know that he did something he was not supposed to do. Obviously, Boomer knows that he did wrong and that he is in trouble with his owner.

Boomer’s way of showing his remorse is just too cute for his owner to handle. Certainly, this pup has the emotional intelligence, which is one of the highest kinds of intelligence!

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Watch Boomer in action in the adorable video!

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