Mom Dog Delivers A Miraculous Number of Puppies!


On December 5, 2015, the world couldn’t have gotten any cuter than this! It’s when Velma, the 4 year old Great Dane from Alabama, surprised her owners, Josh and Terri, and left them pleasantly surprised!

Velma was pregnant and her owners expected her to give birth to 10 sweet little puppies, but they were so amazed when Velma gave birth to not only 10 puppies but 19 puppies! A puppy per hour, on average, the whole delivering process took more than 18 hours in total. What was even more surprising, was the health of the puppies, live and kicking, all 19 of them.


Velma’s blood is nearly unprecedented, it officially ties with the most known litter of goofy Great Danes. Keeping one baby well fed is difficult already, imagine a pack of 19 little hungry Great Danes who are known as the largest known dog breed in the whole world.

This family is now known as the largest Great Dane litter in the United States. Owners Terri and Josh of Alabama were stunned when the puppies “just kept coming,” after an 18-hour-long delivery.  After all, they were only expecting 10!

Velma proved to be a great mother, but she physically couldn’t nurse all of her sweet little puppies at the same time. So, Terri and Josh have offered to help by feeding the puppies every 3/4 hours. Velma’s milk supply is supplemented with goat milk and Esbilac formula. Half of the milk comes from Velma and the other half comes from that formula.

The standard of giving birth among Great Dane breed is from 8 to 10 puppies. So Velma and her 19 puppies are a miracle. Share this amazing story with your family and friends!

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