Mom films how she discovers who is guilty of stealing a cookie.. watch!

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new guilty dog of YouTube. The two adorable black Labrador dogs, Harley and Loa, are in big trouble. Their owner, has just walked in and discovered a cookie missing from the counter.

Now, their mom wants to find out who is responsible! She pulls them aside and starts interrogating them. The only way she’ll crack the case is if she asks them to rat on each other, and the result were pretty hilarious.

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She softly explains to the brother and sister that it will be hard, but it’s important that they “do the right thing” “Now Loa, I know you love your brother and it would hurt you to turn him in. And Harley I know you love your sister and you don’t want to get her in trouble. However, whenever one of you turns the other one in, I will be easy on.”

She asks them three times, giving the guilty dog the chance to own up to the crime.  The two dogs kept looking up at her with sad expressions on their faces, listening to her words.

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It seems like their mom didn’t spend a lot of time talking to the adorable Labrador siblings.  I think they do understand what she was saying and one of them felt guilty but not guilty enough to admit it. While the other one insisted on saying the truth and snitching just after hearing her saying the words ” do the right thing”. With no hesitation the snitch dog reveals the hidden truth.

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