Momma Rottweiler tugs on a rope, but she never expected her puppy to do this

5-23-2015 4-47-04 PM

Have you ever tried to play tug on rope before? You know that you should have enough power to win the game, and obviously, the one who is challenging you should be in the same size or age. But it seems that this Rottweiler puppy doesn’t care about the size or the age, so he decided to play tug on rope with his mother. The momma Rottweiler thought she is stronger and bigger, she thought that she won it all, but she was surprised when she found her little Rottweiler puppy challenging her despite his tiny size, I couldn’t hold on my laughter while watching this! It’s absolutely hilarious yet cute.


If you want a large and powerful dog who will be gentle and a strong companion, Rottweiler dog should be your first choice. They are known for their strength, that’s why they are used as police dogs. You have to start training them from their puppy hood, they learn more easily than when training them when they are older. Training is very important for them. Rottweiler dogs are very sociable, so if they stayed alone for a long time, they will misbehave. A 10 to 20 minutes daily walks is recommended besides daily exercises. It’s also important to monitor their intakes of food to avoid gaining much weight. Rottweiler dogs’ weight starts from 85 to 130 pounds, their life span is from 8 to 11 years old. Rottweiler dogs can be aggressive with new animals or dogs, so if you have another pet before or after the presence of your Rottweiler dog, introduce them to each other carefully and just stay patient about it.

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