Chained, Dumped And Frozen, A devastated Dog Tied To A Tree


With the current chilling temperature outside, it is very important to make sure your pets are feeling safe and warm. It is a vital, yet simple necessity!

If you pet is constantly exposed to bitter coldness outside, you are subjecting them to hypothermia and frostbite.


Unfortunately, thats what happened to this poor dog. Jennifer Williams was taking her two dogs out for a walk in a park. Suddenly, one of her dogs managed to disappear from her sight!


Daisy, the dog, ran over to discover and wander in the place where she sensed something abnormal is moving underneath a tree! She came closer and discovered it was a dog!

The poor dog  had been chained to the tree with a very short chain, which made it difficult for her to lie down or even take a small step away!

It was crystal clear that the poor dog was freezing. Jennifer took off her coat to offer her some warmth, which she was in a desperate need for.


The poor dog was extremely emaciated and when Jennifer took her inside her house, she saw that her paws were bleeding. The dog couldn’t move because her paws had been frozen!

Thanks to the power of social media, Sean Casey from Sean Casey Animal Rescue took the dog and discovered that she had a cherry eye and three pieces of metal in her stomach! His son named her Bindi, after Steve Irwin’s daughter.


We hope that Bindi gets her happy ending by finding a forever home and loving family who will never dump or abuse her!

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