Moose gives birth to twins, in a local woman’s yard!

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Few lucky people get the chance to witness the amazing miracle of giving birth to a new life! The chance to see this lifetime event is greater for people who live in natural areas, where wild animals are safe to roam freely. For the many people who did not witness birth first hand, this video below will give you the chance to watch the amazing moment of such miracle, and will probably draw a smile on your faces!

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In Anchorage, AK, Victoria Hickey and Sarah Lochner were lucky to witness the very exciting and interesting event live and right in front of them! In the backyard of their home, a moose was giving birth! Luckily for us, they quickly whipped out a camera to film the below incredible footage of the moose mother while giving birth to an adorable twin, but this is not the only thing they were able to capture…

In addition to filming the incredible birth, they kept recording those precious moments of the mom grooming her newborns.  You can also watch the two beautiful babies’ first trials to use their wobbly legs to take their first steps with little help from their loving mom!

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While the two women were incredibly lucky to witness this once in a lifetime event in person, all animal lovers are appreciate the fact they filmed it and shared it with the rest of us! It is amazing how they could capture the entire miracle from the moment of birth until the adorable newborn moose twins take their first steps!

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