Neighbor Makes A Plot Twist To Save A Helpless Dog From Death!


Policemen in Puerto Rico received a call for help to save a dog’s life in November. The call was about a stray dog that was severely emaciated and right away the policemen rushed to the scene.

They found Rocco where he was tethered in the yard with no food or water. It was crystal clear that the poor dog had been there for a very long time till he became emaciated.

The policemen received calls before about that dog but they had to wait for the issuing of a court order to grant them access to search the property. When they arrived, they found that the dog’s owners were not at home and decided to take action on their own way.

The grateful dog was taken from the premises and was provided with food, water and medical attention.


The poor dog responded well to fluids and was found negative for both mange and heart worm. That was the bright side in his story, as they meant that he was healthy and all he needed was to gain some weight in order to be put up for adoption and find a forever home.

Thankfully, the dog’s abusers were soon found and were charged with fines for third degree of animal abuse.

Eventually, they were incarcerated when they couldn’t pay their fines.

Rocco continues to respond very well to medical treatment and it’s a pleasing thing to know he will be put up for adoption soon and treated right as he deserves.


Finding the right home and making sure such poor animals are treated the way they deserve is something that we must work on.

This is Rocco’s story, share it with your family and friends!

[h/t Life With Dogs]