Newborn Calf Stranded On Brink Of Death Receives Miraculous Rescue

In a farm near Hope, Indiana, a baby brown calf had went through a terrifying experience. The three days old little calf named Chewbacca had somehow managed his way through the farm fence and got himself onto a frozen pond, 25 feet away! The poor calf was completely stranded, and at the brink of death.



While the farmer failed in using his robe to get the curious little guy out, a sheriff’s deputy came soon to help the poor baby. They tied two robes to be able to reach the baby calf, did several attempts to catch and pull him, and luckily, they rescued him at the end.


It is heartwarming to see how the farmer and the sheriff’s deputy saved the baby calf successfully; they have worked on warming him up either immediately. My favorite scene in the video below is when the reaction of the calf’s mom when she found that her little baby was safe and good.


After the rescue of Chewbacca, the farmer said that all the family loves the newborn calf so much, and that he has a special place in their hearts. They promise to take more care of him and to make him live happily with them in the farm for the rest of his life.


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Via Viral Nova