No fortress can stop this adorable Shih-tzu doggie.

 No fortress can stop this doggie

Dogs are awesome; they amaze us every time we watch a video for them. But, ever wonder how a little doggie can outsmart its owner?  In this video, you will find out just how smart this little doggie is. This is a cuteness overflow.  He is able to climb over a gate used as a barrier.  The owner tries to outsmart the shih-tzu dog by building an even higher ‘fortress’, he puts about 4 chairs.  But no one can keep a dog down, as soon as the owner is out of the room, the little dog climbs over the gate and cross the ‘fortresses’ perfectly, it just took 5 seconds to climb it all. I don’t think the barriers meant anything to the dog.  This video is definitely worth the watch! Especially this shih-tzu, it’s like an adorable ball of fur, he is so tinny to jump on all of this.

 No fortress can stop this adorable Shih-tzu doggie.

The video was uploaded on YouTube with a good number of views that exceeded 35,000 and was shared in many websites; all are falling in love with this cute shih-tzu. Don’t forget to share it between your friends and family, they will be amazed by this shih-tzu adventure.

The shih-tzu is one of the smallest dog breeds, that amazing long hair and furry coat makes them adorable. They are a reason of happiness in life, they are playful and funny, and they easily make friends. It doesn’t matter if they are strangers, you will find the Shih-tzu dog playing with them. Their weight is between 4 and 7 kilos, with a life span from 7 to 16 years old.