No one wanted this old dog, till this happened…everything is about to change.

3-26-2015 6-01-25 PM

Senior dogs, once a dog gets old, they need special needs and special treatments, not everyone feels ready for it, some people give up on their dogs and throw them away, because they don’t want a dog who is not running and playing, they don’t want a dog who have needs.

This is what happened to that old dog, it all started when Hope for Paws received a call about a dog who was wondering the streets near the railroad track, the dog was scared, and when someone tries to come closer, she runs away. The rescuers headed there immediately to search for the dog, knowing that this mission is not easy at all. After a few moments, they found the dog, but when she noticed them, she ran away. But she can’t see so well because the hair around her eyes is so overgrown. So the only solution to distract a dog is food. One of the rescuers started to give food to the furry dog. Thankfully, it was easy to get the dog; they gave the dog some petting to gain her trust.

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The furry dog joined the club of lucky dogs by putting the lucky leash around her neck, you can see now that she is smiling. They took the dog to the vet immediately; they gave her a bath and some grooming. They found that she is microchipped, but thankfully, they found her original owners two days later after the rescue, but the original owners said that they can’t care for her anymore, so they asked Hope for Paws to find her a new loving home.

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If you are willing to adopt this beautiful dog, or to donate for her, you can enter www.hopeforpaws.org , you can also help in finding home for her by sharing this story of her rescue.